Sunsets in the Sunset and other places


October 3, 2012 by joshonthebay

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to come to terms with the huge increase in reading and writing assignments while also having some semblance of a social life. Between all of this however I have managed to see some spectacular sunsets, theres something quite relaxing about witnessing the sun dim down and finally drown into the pacific ocean. San Francisco is a place of immense natural (and some unnatural) beauty which the hazy oranges and pinks of a sunset makes even more stunning.

The first Sunset was a few weeks back at Ocean Beach, I had gone over there to get some fresh air and read, it soon turned out though that it was far too ‘fresh’ for any reading to be worth the time so instead I just watched the sun steadily sink. I wandered towards the sea for a better look as dogs walked their owners along the sand and birds swooped down on the sandy dunes which once covered this whole side of the city. Here’s some shots:

Sunset at Ocean Beach (© Josh Hollands 2012)

Sunset at Ocean Beach (© Josh Hollands 2012)

Sunset at Ocean Beach (© Josh Hollands 2012)

Here’s the Riptide’s Moose… (© Josh Hollands 2012)

After the sunset I warmed up in The Riptide bar on Taraval, this was an interesting find to say the least! As I walked through the doors a woman cries out a number from the otherside of the room, I quickly understood that they were playing bingo so grabbed a beer and hid away in a corner. The evening did get slightly weirder when two people called bingo at the same time and so to settle it they had a dance off.

The second one was a few Fridays back when I headed towards Fort Mason for the weekly ‘Off The Grid’ gathering. Fort Mason is in the north of the city so I decided to check out the Golden Gate Bridge while I was up there. The evening was very clear which isn’t an everyday occurrence at a bridge usually cloaked in fog. Here’s how it looked:

Off The Grid (© Josh Hollands 2012)

‘Off The Grid’ was a cool affair and anyone wanting to sample some incredible food should head down there. Every week 30-40 food trucks form a circle in a parking lot which hungry San Franciscans then fill and eat and drink to their hearts content. I tried some incredible Malaysian sandwiches and a Japanese wrap before moving on to ‘Chai Banana Fritters’ (which were nomming!) I’ve been told that I need to go back and try the Creme Brûlée truck!

The final sunset was yesterday. The city has been unusually hot and clear this week which made for perfect beach going weather, I decided at the last moment to head down to Ocean Beach and made it just to see the last of it disappear, I managed to get a few shots before it had completely gone including this one:

Ocean Beach after sunset (© Josh Hollands 2012)

So there you go, a post about sunsets some three weeks after my last update on this blog, normal service shall resume shortly I promise, now back to that pile of books I’m supposed to read for tomorrow…


One thought on “Sunsets in the Sunset and other places

  1. bobmouncer says:

    Now I really do wish I was there! Keep reading, writing and taking photos, Josh.

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